The 30 most wanted Christmas tree toys of 2022

Although many consider the season to be the best time of the year, it is very easy to disappoint a child by not fulfilling their wishes and getting Christmas they so wanted to present. As with every year, this year certain children’s toys are in high demand, and if you’re unlucky, you might miss out on them altogether.

For Christmas 2022, Barbie tops the list of the most popular children’s toys. In fact, according to Zendbox dataDreamhouse Barbie is the most popular by far.

In the last month alone, Barbie’s dream house has been searched for over 90,000 times, so if your kids have hinted that it’s on their list, now’s the time to try and get it before the shelves are empty. The popular doll takes a total of five spots in the top 30, with Barbie Dream Camper coming in second on the list.

Some toys never go out of fashion, and LEGO again one of the most sought after toys for Christmas 2022. The LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer, LEGO Technic Monster Jam Megalodon and LEGO City Express Passenger Train are all highly sought-after toys that many kids can’t wait to unwrap from under the tree this year.

Gilson Pereira, Chief Marketing Officer at Zendbox, said: “With the countdown to Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get your little one. With an ever-expanding range and new releases, it can be difficult to decide which toys your child will love most for Christmas unless they’ve submitted a list.

“Even when children have decided what they want, the next step is to find gifts, with bestsellers often selling out each year due to high demand. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 30 most popular toys we’ve searched for over the past month, so you can see which experts and parents expect to be a big hit this year, as well as their potential to sell out.

“Online retailers themselves can use these findings to stay ahead of online giants and maximize sales. Around November 22 when it looks like parents are starting to look for the perfect gift, so don’t be late to save the toy you’ve been eyeing for plenty of time before others beat you to it!”

30 most wanted children’s toys Christmas 2022

Barbie tops the list of the most popular Christmas toys.
  1. Barbie Dreamhouse: 90,500 monthly Google searches
  2. Barbie Dream Camper: 9,900 monthly Google searches
  3. Playdoh Ice Cream Truck: 8,100 monthly Google searches
  4. DJ Bouncin Beats: 5,400 monthly Google searches
  5. Le Mieux Pony: 2,900 monthly Google searches
  6. Cocomelon Boo Boo JJ Doll: 1,600 monthly Google searches
  7. The game of shell and sand: 1600 Google searches per month
  8. VTech Jotbot: 1000 monthly Google searches
  9. Throw Throw Avocado: 880 monthly Google searches
  10. Gigi the Giraffe: 590 monthly Google searches
  11. One Trick Pony Game: 590 monthly Google searches
  12. Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll: 480 monthly Google searches
  13. Barbie Fashionista Dolls: 480 monthly Google searches
  14. Jiggly Pets Noodle Pink Pup: 480 Google searches per month
  15. Pokemon TCG Tin: 480 monthly Google searches
  16. Lego Friends Horse Show Trailer: 390 monthly Google searches
  17. Career Barbie Dolls: 320 monthly Google searches
  18. Sumo wrestling: 320 Google searches per month
  19. Lego Technic Monster Jam Megalodon: 260 monthly Google searches
  20. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit: 260 Google searches per month
  21. Playmobil City Life Recycling Truck: 260 Google searches per month
  22. Tick ​​Tock Brick Nock: 260 Google searches per month
  23. Duplo Wild Animals of South America: 210 monthly Google searches
  24. Lego City Express passenger train: 210 Google searches per month
  25. Lego Creator Expert 10293 Santa’s Visit: 210 Google searches per month
  26. Super Smile Dentist Kit: 210 Google searches per month
  27. Chad Valley Dinosaur Waterfall Bath Toy: 170 Google searches per month
  28. Lego Dots Large Bulletin Board: 170 Google searches per month
  29. Pictionary Air Star Wars: 170 monthly Google searches
  30. Roller Disco Peppa: 170 monthly Google searches

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