Textron Aviation Nets King Air Order at an exhibition in Singapore

Special missions Textron Aviation this week announced the supply of four single piston aircraft Cessna Skyhawk 172 for the Philippine Navy and the order for two Beechcraft King Air 360 from a German air traffic control system provider on behalf of the Government of India. The new Skyhawk, acquired through a foreign military sale managed by the U.S. Naval Air Command, will be used by the Philippine Navy for flight training and join the existing fleet of 172, based at the Naval Wing in Sangley Point, Philippines.

At the Singapore Air Show this week, German company Aerodata in Brunswick placed an order for two flagship turboprop King Air turboprop aircraft, which will be equipped with an AeroFIS flight inspection system for the Indian Airport Authority, which will own and operate the aircraft. . AeroFIS is Aerodata’s proprietary system for testing all navigation aids and flight procedures that require calibration or verification.

“By acquiring these additional two King Airs, we maintain our long-term fruitful relationship with the management of India Airport,” said Aerodata President and CEO Hans Stahl.

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/general-aviation/2022-02-18/textron-aviation-nets-king-air-order-singapore-show Textron Aviation Nets King Air Order at an exhibition in Singapore

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