Taiwan’s MND is handing over the locally produced Yushan LPD to the Navy

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) has officially handed over the Landing Platform Vessel (LPD) named Yushan to the Taiwan Navy.

The ship was delivered accepted during a ceremony held in Haosung on September 30.

It was attended by various officials, including the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen.

Tsai said: “When it comes to military threats from China, real peace can only be achieved by strengthening our self-defense capabilities.

“It is our constant policy and determination to exercise national defense autonomy so that the Army has the best equipment to defend the country.”

The country’s first indigenously built amphibious ship was named after Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan.

It was developed as part of President Ying Wen’s Defense Self-Sufficiency Initiative.

The 10,600-ton vessel will be used by the country’s ground forces to transport equipment and other supplies to vulnerable islands.

U tweet, Taiwan MND said, “Named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, Yushan, our first local LPD, was just handed over to the ROC Navy today. She will secure our remote islands, transport troops, conduct HA/DR operations and augment our onboard TF forces.”

Built by CSBC Shipbuilding, the Yushan is equipped with a gun to deal with air and surface threats, as well as anti-aircraft missiles.

Cai added: “We can say that the Yushan warship is a transport ship that can concretely demonstrate the navy’s ability to ‘eliminate disasters in peacetime and fight in wartime.’ Taiwan’s MND is handing over the locally produced Yushan LPD to the Navy

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