Switzerland is on the list of countries that remove all travel restrictions

Switzerland raised All travel requirements, as well as almost all COVID domestic measures, were announced by the Swiss Federal Council in a press release.

The country has become The fifth country in the world lifts all travel restrictionsafter MexicoEl Salvador, Dominican Republicand Norway.

“Measures related to health for people entering the country will be canceled. You will no longer need to provide evidence of vaccination, recovery or a negative test or fill out a questionnaire, ” – says the Council.

Citizens still have to wear masks on public transport and when visiting medical facilities. Those who had a positive test for COVID will have to stay in isolation for five days, but only until the end of March.

Tourist facilities such as shops, restaurants as well as cultural and sporting events will be freely available.

Local COVID certificates will no longer be issued. However, EU-compliant COVID certificates will continue, as most EU countries and Schengen countries still require them to allow travelers to their territory.

“The cantons, as they requested, will still be able to impose requirements on certificates,” the press release said.

The government expects that the health care system will not be overloaded due to the high level of immunity in the country.

More than 90% of Switzerland’s 8.6 million people have either been fully vaccinated or cured of COVID-19.

Health authorities noted that the peak of the infection caused by Omicron reached on February 8, and they have been declining since then.

On Wednesday, 21,032 new cases were recorded in the country. Compared to the previous week, the seven-day daily average fell by almost a quarter.

“The light on the horizon is very visible,” President Ignacio Cassis told reporters in Bern. He stressed that the authorities are ready to renew the restrictions if necessary.

“The virus is there. We are learning to live with the virus, ”he said. Switzerland is on the list of countries that remove all travel restrictions

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