Switzerland is becoming the fourth country in the world to renounce all requirements for Covid entry

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Switzerland became the last country – only the fourth country in the world now – office completely waive all Covid-19 entry requirements. The European country, famous for its unrivaled chocolate – world-class skiing and scenic mountain views – made the announcement just days ago, much to the delight of travelers around the world as the country’s president admits they are learning to live with the virus.

The changes that Switzerland is making have a wide range, and not only are the countries involved in Covid-19, but also internal rules and restrictions – the country must once again resemble life before the pandemic.

Here’s a closer look at the latest changes in Switzerland, including which rules have changed, which rules will remain at the moment and which other countries have recently made similar changes.

Switzerland lowers requirements – information for travelers

Traveling to Switzerland is now easier than at any time since the pandemic began, the federal government says all associated with Covid-19 in the country login requirements have now been removed as of February 17. Switzerland is just that the fourth country in the world to take such measures being together with Mexico, El Salvador, and Norwayand as a result one could benefit from tourism performance.

A press release is published on Federal Council Government Page states: «Changes in entry rules: Health measures for people entering the country will be abolished. You will no longer need to provide evidence of vaccination, recovery or a negative test or fill out a questionnaire. ”

***Important note, February 18, 2022 at 9 p.m. Since the publication of this article, the migration police have informed us that they are currently amending the official federal government by abolishing all entry requirements so that they do not apply to third-party travelers. We have requested clarification and will continue to update this article.

The removal of all requirements for entry into the country means that:

  • Travelers will not need to fill en record form before arrival. It used to be a requirement for races.
  • Travelers will not must present proof of negative test for Covid-19 for login, regardless of login method. Previously, travelers had to take a negative PCR test within 72 hours or an antigen test within 48 hours.
  • Travelers will not must submit evidence of vaccination to enter Switzerland.
  • Travelers will not should quarantine upon their entry into Switzerland.

Official Quotes from the federal government:

“ENTRIES IN SWITZERLAND. What are the rules applicable to entry into Switzerland? There are no longer any border health measures for people entering Switzerland from countries or regions without the option of care. These people no longer have to present evidence of vaccination, recovery or a negative test and no longer have to complete SwissPLF. Now there are no countries on the list of countries with the option of concern ” – Federal Department of the Interior of Switzerland

A a small reservation The Swiss government’s website, however, says travelers entering Switzerland from the region of concern may be subject to more stringent health measures. However, there are currently no countries that are considered an area with an option of concernwhich means that all of the above entry requirements – or lack thereof – apply to all travelers who may visit the country.

Switzerland also has made a few changes to its internal Covid-19 limitations. Like a few other European countries, wearing the mask was almost completely removed, with masks now required only in public transport and in health care facilities. In addition to this, The requirement to present a Covid certificate for entry to venues such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants and events has also been removed.

What rules are followed?

Along with the requirement to wear masks in specific situations, Switzerland will also maintain a mandatory five-day isolation of those who had a positive virus test by the end of March. President Ignacio Cassis also warned that his government would be ready to reintroduce restrictions on Covid-19 if the situation in the country required it.


Referring to his country’s latest news at a news conference, President Cassis stated that “the light on the horizon is very visible.” This is true for Switzerland, but also for travelers, as more and more countries begin to reduce or withdraw their entry requirements and head back to normal.

It's time to hike in Switzerland

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Swiss Federal Department of the Interior

Federal Council of the Government of Switzerland

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