Sustrans reports that local businesses will receive £ 1.7 billion from the use of the network

Today, the album “Ways for All: in Three Years” is released Sustrans a report assessing the UK’s success in improving the access, safety and public attractiveness of the National Bicycle Network.

As stated in today’s announcement, “This work has focused on actions identified as priorities in the original 2018 Ways for All report on National Bicycle Network (Grid) ».

Heading numbers:

  • £ 1.7 billion is an estimated cost for local businesses through the use of the tourism and leisure network.
  • £ 2.1 billion is estimated to be a stimulus to the UK economy through health, congestion and environmental benefits.
  • 121 million – more trips online than in the previous year, an increase of 19%.
  • 4.9 million users – made more than 764.8 million trips on the network during the peak of the 2020 pandemic.
  • 72% – the number of users who considered the network the best transport option for their trip.

When the network was launched in 1995 with the support of the National Lottery from the Millennium Commission, it had 500 miles. It has since expanded to a peak in 2018 of 16,519 miles, which has since shrunk to 12,786 miles of signed routes in 2020.

As a charity, “Susstrans owns only around 271 miles, or 2%, of the network across the UK. The rest belongs to different landowners. That is why it is very important that we work in partnership with the government, local authorities and other key stakeholders to create a network that works for everyone at all levels. ”

With this in mind, during 2020, a key part of the work focused on accessibility, which “removed or reworked 315 barriers to allow people with wheelchairs and gods to access the network”. which “removed or reclassified 3,733 miles of unsafe or inaccessible parts of the network to create a safer and better network as a whole.”

Deploying this work, the report emphasizes: “So far, we have implemented 27 projects across the UK to make the network more secure and increase the number of miles without traffic. There are 28 more projects under implementation, which will be completed by 2023. “

Xavier Brice, CEO of Sustrans, comments: “In times of public health crisis and climate emergency, active travel has never been more important. The National Bicycle Network is an important part of the UK’s green infrastructure, connecting people with places and with each other, providing space for families and boosting the local economy. The huge increase in the number of people relying on the network for exercise and travel shows how important these routes are. We will continue our work to make it easier for people to travel safely and actively as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. ”

Sustrans’ ongoing charitable work remains crucial for active transport and environmental goals in the UK, especially in relation to the UK Government struggles with funding for active transport initiativesdespite the recent creation of Active Travel England.

To access the full report “Ways for All: in Three Years”, Click here.

Image: Sustrans / Jonathan Beaulie

https://cyclingindustry.news/sustrans-report-1-7-billion-in-local-business-benefit-from-network-use/ Sustrans reports that local businesses will receive £ 1.7 billion from the use of the network

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