Subway Thailand plans to open 700 new stores

The sandwich chain is aggressively doubling its current restaurant chain in the region to more than 6,000 in the next five years.

Subway has signed a new major franchise agreement with an existing franchisee with multiple divisions of About Passion Co. Ltd. to significantly expand its presence in Thailand.

The new deal stipulates that the company About Passion Co. Ltd. opens more than 700 new metro locations across Thailand over the next decade, expanding the brand’s current operations to more than 130 restaurants.

Existing and future restaurants are adapting the design of the Fresh Forward sandwich chain, and will allow franchisees to flexibly incorporate elements of Thai culture into their restaurants.

Passion Co. Ltd. focuses on keeping restaurants in places with high accessibility and visibility, including travel and non-traditional restaurant models such as kiosks and Grab & Go, ”the announcement said.

“We have seen great demand for Subway across Thailand, and given the existing knowledge about Passion Co. Ltd. about our business model and success in implementing operational excellence in their current restaurant locations, we are confident they will be successful in strategically expanding our presence in the country, ”said Subway CEO John Cheadsey.

“We have seen tremendous success at our Subway restaurants across Bangkok and are committed to continuing to build profitable and sustainable growth and inspire brand love among Thai consumers,” added Tanakorn Tanovarit, founder and CEO of About Passion Co. Ltd. In Thailand, more and more people are looking for the best, convenient and affordable food options, we are confident that Subway will be a desired and clear alternative to the QSR brand, which is traditionally offered in the region.

Last year, Subway signed similar expansion agreements in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In an interview with QSR Media, APAC President Eric Fu said he currently expects the sandwich giant to have about 6,600 restaurants in the next five years, effectively doubling their current network, and called China and Japan markets with “significant, untapped opportunities. ».

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