Spain wants EU funding to revitalize the electric vehicle industry | World

ANFAC, a group of automakers, said more may be needed.

“To overcome the driver’s” autonomy anxiety, “we need to ensure that charging the car is as easy as filling it with gasoline,” spokesman Jose Lopez Tafol told AP. It was. “To reach 340,000 charging points by 2030, we need to set up a calendar with goals.”

Price is also important. Spain’s average annual income is € 15,000 ($ 18,100) below the EU average. Luxury cars are a rare sight in Spanish cities dominated by economic models and motorcycles. Therefore, electric cars can attract wealthier Europeans, but give a sticker shock to many Spaniards.

To overcome this, the government has already spent € 400 million ($ 484 million) on rebates of up to € 7,000 ($ 8,400) on the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles.

We also need to convince automakers that Spain is the best investment vehicle, but Germany and France have the advantage that major manufacturers are based in their own countries.

Spanish car maker SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, is working on the production of electric cars in the range of € 20,000 to € 25,000, which Blanco believes will reach the prices of domestic shoppers.

Ford’s European president, Stuart Rowley, spoke with Prime Minister Sanchez in April about “Ford’s battery procurement strategy and the importance of support from the Spanish government in the framework of the EU next-generation fund.” AP. Spain wants EU funding to revitalize the electric vehicle industry | World

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