skiers from the US David Wise, Alex Ferrari Medal in the halfpipe; Nika Porteus wins


Silver medalist David Wise (left), gold medalist Nika Parteus of New Zealand (C) and bronze medalist of the United States Alex Ferreira of the United States are on the podium after the freestyle final on the halfpipe at the 2022 Winter Games on Saturday Saturday. , China. Photo by Bob Strong / UPI | Photo license

February 19 (UPI) – U.S. skiers David Wise and Alex Ferreira won respective silver and bronze medals in the final of the 2022 Winter Freestyle Huffpipe Games on Saturday in Zhangjiakou, China. Gold was won by New Zealander Nika Parteus.

Parteus scored 93 points in his first run at Genting Snow Park H&S Stadium. Wise, the reigning Olympic champion, and Ferreira also recorded their highest scores in the first of three races.

Wise posted 90.75. Ferreira paid 83.75 for bronze in the final freestyle competition at the 2022 Winter Games. Canadian Noah Bowman came in fourth. U.S. teams Birk Irving and Aaron Blank finished fifth and seventh, respectively.

“I’m currently over the moon,” This was reported by Porteous NBC. “I still can’t believe it. Today the weather was difficult.

“But I stopped what I knew, and did everything I could, and left everything there, and – now it’s so cold that I’m losing my words.”

Athletes struggled with the swirling wind as they took aggressive angles and attempted ambitious coups and halfpipe rotations. Many of the main competitors face the sittings after the first launches.

The Porteous Gold Medal is secured by a clean double cork of the 1620s in both directions. During the performance, he soared more than 12.5 feet above the snow-covered structure.

Wise started his run from the 900 switch to the double stopper and finished with the 1260s. He climbed more than 15 feet above the ground and held on to first place until Porteous ran.

Ferreira made 1440, then switched to a double court and climbed more than 14 feet above the track.

“I’m thrilled,” Ferreira told NBC. “The most industrious climb the podium, and David Wise is a great friend of mine. He is a good man.

“Nick is my good friend. He inspires me. Sometimes the universe has other plans for you, and you have to adapt like us.

Porteous won bronze in the 2018 Winter Games. That year in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Wise and Ferreira won the respective gold and silver medals. Wise also won the 2014 event in Sochi, Russia.

The Porteous victory pushed the total number of New Zealand medals in Beijing to three, making it the largest in history for the country in a single winter game. Silver and bronze Wise and Ferreira increased the total number of U.S. medals to eight in freestyle, making it the country’s highest award in any sport in Beijing.

Silver medalist Jaylin Kauf from the USA is on the podium after the final of the women’s freestyle competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou, China. The gold medal was won by the Australian Jakar Anthony, the bronze – by the Russian Anastasia Smirnova. Photo by Bob Strong / UPI | Photo license skiers from the US David Wise, Alex Ferrari Medal in the halfpipe; Nika Porteus wins

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