Siemens Gamesa is producing recyclable blades for the onshore wind market

Siemens Gamesa has officially launched its “world’s first” recyclable wind turbine blade for onshore energy projects, following the delivery of its first recyclable offshore wind turbine blades earlier this year, the company announced yesterday.

This means the wind energy giant’s RecyclableBlade is now available for both onshore and offshore wind projects, which it says is a major milestone in creating a more circular wind energy sector worldwide.

The recycled blade has been put on the market for the offshore wind sector for the first time just 10 months after launching in September 2021 in a bid to solve the “complex” issue of being able to recycle blades in the industry.

The traditional manufacturing process for wind blades involves a range of composite materials, including resin, glass and fibre, which are usually disposed of at the end of a wind farm’s life cycle. But while about 85 percent of a wind turbine’s component parts can be completely recycled, many blades still end up in landfill after decommissioning, according to Siemens Gamesa.

In an attempt to solve this problem and increase circulation in the renewable energy sector, the firm has created the RecyclableBlade, which it claims is “the world’s first fully recyclable blade”. Its recovery process uses a mild acid solution to separate materials at the end of a wind turbine’s life, meaning they can be recycled for use in other industries, including construction, consumer goods or the automotive industry.

The first offshore wind RecyclableBlade was installed at the RWE Kaskasi project in Germany in July 2022, and now offshore wind developers will also be able to purchase recyclable blades for their projects, according to Siemens Gamesa.

“The launch of our RecyclableBlade for onshore facilities is another great achievement by our dedicated professionals,” said Siemens Gamesa CEO Jochen Eickholt. “The concept has always been to encompass solutions for the offshore and onshore industries, and we are now delighted to provide them commercially to our customers in both market segments.”

The move is part of the company’s wider environmental strategy, which includes a goal to create fully recyclable wind turbines by 2040 at the latest.

Along with trade organization WindEurope and other industry players, Siemens Gamesa is also calling for a Europe-wide ban on sending wind turbine blades to landfill to help build a market for recyclable alternatives.

“We are driving the wind industry full cycle with our commitment to make wind energy as sustainable as possible at every stage of its life cycle,” said Tim Davidowski, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, Siemens Gamesa. “Together with our customers and our suppliers, we want wind power solutions from Siemens Gamesa to continue to help countries around the world achieve their net-zero carbon goals.”

https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4056742/siemens-gamesa-launches-recyclable-blades-onshore-wind-market Siemens Gamesa is producing recyclable blades for the onshore wind market

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