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On the eve of Easter and Mother’s Day Side Delights® provides paired potatoes and suggestions for additional display to help increase grocery sales for the spring holidays.

In 2020 and 2021, studies by the National Retail Federation found that consumers spent a record amount on food purchases in preparation for Easter, exceeding $ 6.48 billion and $ 6.32 billion, respectively1. The same organization stated that despite the pandemic, 83% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother’s Day in 20222.

As shoppers plan their spring holiday menu, retailers can help increase potato sales through secondary exhibitions of complementary goods and potato pairs.

A study by the Idaho Potato Commission confirmed that secondary impressions have a positive effect on sales of the potato category. In stores with a secondary exhibition for potatoes, sales increased by 22% compared to stores without a secondary exhibition and showed an average growth of the category by 2.5% .3

“Easter and Mother’s Day are perfect holidays to celebrate with food and family, such as barbecue and hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard, brunch for Mother’s Day or a festive family dinner,” said Kathleen Triou, president and CEO. Fresh Solutions Network.

“With eye-catching displays and a full range of potatoes, Side Delights® can help shoppers choose holiday menu items while increasing in-store sales. Retailers can further increase the circle of baskets by combining potatoes with additional displays this season of spring holidays. ”

Side Delights offers the following pairs:
Display combination: potatoes / eggs Recipe combination: Mashed potatoes and egg bites
Display combination: potatoes / meat Combination recipe: Baked chicken and potatoes in a pan with lemon oil
Combination display: potatoes / herbs Combination recipes: Fried gourmet potatoes with herbs

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Source: A network of fresh solutions
Cover: A network of fresh solutions Side Delights shares ideas with retailers on potato matings, offers of secondary displays – Potato News Today

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