Shopify’s growth is slowing as the pandemic cools

Shopify Inc. The most significant drop in shares occurred on Wednesday, when the e-commerce giant warned that growth had slowed from a pandemic peak of 57%. They mentioned record inflation and consumer spending as key factors contributing to the slowdown in 2022. Their stocks have fallen by almost 50% in the last 12 months over a longer period.

Currently, markets are worried about payment processors, as rising inflation could negatively affect online spending. This has affected many technology giants such as Paypal and Shopify not exempt from this.

Over the past 212 days, Shopify shares have fallen more than 60%.

Shopify was one of the most beloved stocks during the Covid pandemic, when customers flocked to online stores due to blockages around the world. Now investors are getting tired of holding stocks now that previous growth is coming to an end. This slowdown is facilitated by the world’s return to normal life, and the Federal Reserve is reducing incentives and raising rates.

Big bets on warehouses and shipping

The Canadian giant is making changes in many areas of its business, especially in warehousing and delivery network. On Wednesday, after a call about earnings, it was announced that they plan to grow significantly and consolidate the Shopify Fulfillment Network to help take on the likes of Amazon. It aims to increase its capacity to not only match volume but also provide better service when it comes to delivery.

From 2023, they will spend more than $ 1 billion to increase warehouses owned by the company and partners, with the ultimate goal of taking on Amazon’s aggressive delivery times. Their goal is the company’s ambitions, stating that they will be able to offer two days or less delivery to 90% of America’s population.

$ 1 billion may seem like big money, but it’s sad compared to what Amazon has in its military chest.

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