SEO and missing product pages

Out-of-stock pages have long been a dilemma for search engine optimizers.

For sellers, it’s tempting to remove these pages and focus on available inventory. But the pages are indexed by Google and are likely to generate organic traffic, especially if they have backlinks. Shoppers will land on these pages when looking to view products.

Therefore, merchants should benefit from clicks while providing a good experience to visitors.

As a general rule, never:

  • Return a 404 error This will force most visitors to return to Google search results.
  • Redirect these pages. Redirecting will keep your traffic and link integrity, but more importantly, it will confuse your visitors.

Generally, the best tactics are:

  • Keep your pages alive and indexable,
  • Make sure both people and search engines know that these products are out of stock.

Save live pages

Keeping your pages live saves clicks and drives sales of alternative products and email subscriptions. What’s more, live pages quickly recover traffic when items become available.


  • Offer to notify visitors when an item is back in stock.
  • If an item is permanently discontinued, link to related items with similar search intent. Buyers who come from organic search are more likely to ask for long-tail, highly targeted needs. They know what they want.
  • If necessary, reduce the price of related products. The main thing is to keep a long-term customer.

Communication Status

Transparency is the best policy for both buyers and Google. You’re bound to lose sales, so minimize disappointment with honest communication and expectations.

  • Make it clear that the product is out of stock.
  • Consider implementation ItemAvailability property c Product diagram to set parameters such as Out of stock and Sold. Google may show these statuses in expanded snippets, which will reduce clicks, but those who click will have the appropriate expectations.
  • Remove links to product pages from the main navigation, sitemaps, product channels (marketplaces, ads, branches), as well as related product listings. If the product is permanently unavailable, remove the page from all internal links and from site searches.


Some out-of-stock scenarios don’t have a simple solution. For example, you may need pages for products that are in and out of stock frequently noindex tags to avoid confusing Google.

And keep in mind that Google is slow to respond to changes to your site. Avoid frequent interruptions such as continuous redirects, 404 errors and the like. Keep things consistent for SEO.

regardless of whether focus on buyers. They are a priority.

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