Select HBO Max Full Pilot Episode Now Available on Snapchat

HBO Max seems to be working hard to build new partnerships and enjoy new benefits. Today, the streaming service has partnered with Snapchat to watch full-length pilot episodes of carefully selected shows on social media platforms.

Some examples include Looney Tunes, Gossip Girl, and even the popular Game of Thrones. This option is available from the SnapMinis feature, which debuted last year. Snapchat Mini is a way for third-party developers to showcase their products within a social platform.

One of the most popular channels to take advantage of this feature was headspace. However, HBO was the first caliber to upload the entire episode.

Obviously, the main purpose of this deal is to get more people into the HBO program, but it’s not the only one. The most notable part of HBO Max’s Snapchat mini is that you can invite up to 63 people to watch the content together. Even better, all participants can chat and share Bitmoji’s reactions during the show.

You don’t need an HBO Max subscription to watch the show, but don’t assume that you don’t have a catch. At the end of each pilot episode, users over the age of 18 will receive a pop-up prompting them to subscribe to HBO Max.

The new Snapchat feature is available on both Android and iOS, and the pilot episodes on display will be updated at unannounced intervals. It will be interesting to see if competitors like Netflix and Disney + follow in the footsteps of HBO. If so, this is a huge benefit to Snapchat and has the potential to further develop the trend in the future.

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