SAIC and Rogue Space Systems are partners in providing services for objects orbiting the Earth

International Science Applications Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) and Rogue Space Systems Corporation announced a strategic partnership to develop solutions that enable rapid delivery of in-orbit assembly and manufacturing (ISAM), asset verification and space situational awareness (SSA) services.

“Together, SAIC and Rogue have unique skills and experience that will support the growing demand for services in Earth orbit, in the lunar domain and beyond,” said David Ray, senior vice president of SAIC’s space business unit.

“At SAIC, we continue to participate in the growing global space market. Our critical support for space assets supports our national priorities and contributes to the infrastructure needed for the safe use of space.”

SAIC will provide the development and integration of the Orbots Rogue fleet. These orbiting robots will provide ISAM services to both commercial and government organizations.

“From LEO to cyberspace, we are excited to partner with SAIC as we serve the growing demand for ISAM and SSA services,” said Jeremy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space Systems.

“SAIC’s knowledge and experience working with US government space agencies has been instrumental in optimizing the capabilities of our Orbots for a variety of applications. This partnership with SAIC accelerates Rogue’s plans to build industry-leading capabilities for ISAM services.”

As the primary space integrator for Rogue, SAIC will also help Rogue identify business development opportunities. Rogue offers a unique portfolio of new services to the emerging ISAM market, as evidenced by several SpaceWERX Orbital Prime contracts.

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