Russia delivered the first batch of modernized Su-34 bombers

The Russian Aerospace Forces have adopted the first batch of modernized Su-34 multi-purpose bombers, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. announced.

The ministry said that “several” Su-34M entered the bombing compound of the Ground Forces of the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces of the Eastern Military District at the end of June. The district is located in the far east of the Khabarovsk Krai, near the Russian-Chinese border.

The planes are serviceable and used for training flights.

76 Su-34M until 2027: report

In 2020, Russia ordered 76 Su-34M, which are expected to be delivered by 2027. “Military Hours” magazine. wrote. It is reported that this number of aircraft will be enough to replace “two regiments of Su-24m strike platforms” that are being decommissioned.

The aircraft will also replace the “much larger long-range Tu-22M3”. respectively to Russia Beyond.

In 2014, Russia began to put into service the Su-34 twin-engine, two-seater aircraft. The aircraft is based on the Su-27 air superiority wing fighter and is designed to perform bombing and air combat missions.


The plane is equipped with “al-31f turbojet engines with afterburner and sh-141 radar station for detecting ground and air targets.”

The aircraft’s cockpit, protected by armor, allows it to attack targets from low altitude, while recently equipped The Kh-35U missile defense system is capable of sinking a medium-sized ship from a distance of 250 km (155 miles).

The ministry said that the su-34m will have an upgraded radio-electronic system, “high-precision weapons and a set of several suspended containers with reconnaissance equipment.” Russia delivered the first batch of modernized Su-34 bombers

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