Ruby Rose encourages LGBT youth to embrace sexuality

Ruby Rose encouraged young LGBT people to embrace their sexuality, saying “life is only once.”

An Australian actress and model, 35, said she had been “tortured” by other children at school after coming out of being a 12-year-old gay.

She also admitted that she might not have come out at such a young age if she was aware that some people had homophobia, as she did later.

But a former Batwoman star said she needed to be “open and honest” about her identity to both herself and those near her.

Rose, who appeared on one of the five different covers of Glamor UK’s Beauty of Pride issue, said: In a sense, I only knew it was my truth.

“I didn’t know how to live if I wasn’t open and honest about my identity, but I think I was very young, and if I was a little older and understood homophobic people. May not have come out. “Young.

“I was bullied by it. I was distressed. I felt like I was crucified at school. And it was hard to be the only gay at school.

“It was good in some respects because people thought it was a stage. It wasn’t taken very seriously, like” You’re 12 and it’s a stage. ” ..

“And by the time everyone understood what it really meant, being gay, and being with a woman, they were accustomed to the fact that I was.”

In 2018, Rose was cast on CW Network’s Batwoman as a superhero who announced that he was the first gay to lead a major television show.

She advised young people thinking about coming out: It’s hard.

“But in the end, none of them matter, and I know it’s a very cliché, but you have a one-time life and it’s a wonderful gift given to you.

“If you’re living for someone or trying to minimize yourself to make others comfortable, you’re living your life thinking about that potential and your potential. Not.

“You deserve to love. You have someone who loves you as you are. You just have to love and be loved by others.

“So keep fighting, keep doing, keep believing in yourself, keep listening to that soul and what it wants, and give it to yourself because you deserve it.”

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Read the full interview in the digital version of Glamor UK June online.. Ruby Rose encourages LGBT youth to embrace sexuality

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