Rice Seed Guide 2023 – Growing Rice


With last season in the rearview mirror, take some time to relax, say goodbye to the year, and analyze which varieties did and which didn’t. Also check out the university trial results to see how different varieties performed in different locations.

It goes without saying that seed selection is one of the most important decisions a farmer must make during winter planning. And with fertilizer still on everyone’s radar, it’s worth collecting soil samples to find out how adequate or deficient your soil is. As Trent Roberts of the University of Arkansas likes to say, “Don’t guess, test the soil.”

These easy-to-use charts highlighting proprietary varieties and hybrid lines for the Mid-South, Texas and South are designed to help you make your planting decision. When choosing for 2023, consider each field individually, as well as your goals and chosen production system.

The following information was provided by Dyna-Gro, Horizon Ag LLC and RiceTec. Rice Seed Guide 2023 – Growing Rice

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