Ricardo will supply additional ABS/ESC upgrade kits for US Army HMMWVs

Ricardo Defense secured $20.2 million contract to supply an optional Anti-lock Brake System/Electronic Stability Control (ABS/ESC) for the US Army.

The upgrade kits will improve the operational safety of combat vehicles in the Army’s high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) fleet.

The kit will provide the HMMWV fleet with safety-enhancing features such as ABS, ESC, traction control, active rollover protection and improved brake calipers, pads and rotors.

Inexpensive and efficient ABS/ESC system components meet the requirements of military applications.

It also has an impact-resistant steering column and an advanced electronic network.

The upgrade kit can also be easily upgraded to match the latest fleet, reducing the life cycle cost of the HMMWV.

The Ricardo upgrade kit has been added to the national stock system for the application of vehicles produced before 2019. These systems should remain in the Army fleet until 2040.

To date, Ricardo has supplied nearly 11,000 ABS/ESC systems to support the HMMWV fleet.

Ricardo Defense President Chet Grichan said, “By making this multi-million dollar investment, the US Army has demonstrated its commitment to soldier safety by retrofitting combat vehicles in its permanent HMMWV fleet.

“This latest award demonstrates Ricardo’s ability to solve complex challenges for legacy systems that require a forward-looking end-to-end solution.

“In line with our core values ​​of sustainable, safe and intelligent mobility, the successful deployment of Ricardo’s safety-critical ABS/ESC system ensures that Soldier and operator safety remains at the forefront of every training and operational mission.” Ricardo will supply additional ABS/ESC upgrade kits for US Army HMMWVs

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