Requirements for entry into Bulgaria Covid for 2022

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One of the most culturally diverse countries in Europewith a centuries-old history spanning several empires, from the of the Greeks office Slavic office Ottoman powers, Bulgaria it is destination list for many. From its capital capital c Sofiawhich presents both cloud buildings and classical European architectureyes Bulgarian Rivierain this eastern balkan country there really is something to offer.

Here you will find all Covid’s latest requirements for entry into Bulgaria and all other information travelers need to know before booking a trip:

A woman waving a Bulgarian flag in Central Sofia, Bulgaria

Entry requirements for countries that are allowed to visit Bulgaria for tourism

Admission requirements for testing on COVID-19

After performing a ban on entry for American visitors in 2021, Bulgaria is again ready to receive tourists arriving from the United States and several other countries around the world. And what’s better: both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans are now eligible to visit Bulgaria, which accepted simpler admission requirements in line with the rest of the European Union.

According to February 1Americans must submit one of the following to enter Bulgaria:

  • A Certificate of vaccination against covid;
  • Evidence of previous Covid infection and subsequent recovery;
  • A negative test for Covid: When choosing PCR, travelers must complete a 72-hour test window before arrival; when choosing rapid antigen tests they should not be older than 48 hours before crossing the border.
Extensive shot from the drone of Sofia, Bulgaria Vitosha Street

Bulgaria has a color system on-site to classify countries and their epidemiological risks to green, orange, red, or dark red. Although The United States is on the red listtogether with the United Kingdom and many other non-EU countries, entry is still allowed for the citizens of these countries provided that they can satisfy the border guards with the above documentationaccording to a new health order.

On the other hand, those traveling from dark red areas must present both a vaccination certificate and a negative PCR test accepted up to 72 hours before arrival, regardless of nationality. Currently, other EU countries and EU-associated countries are on Bulgaria’s dark red list include Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Slovenia.

So when traveling to Bulgaria from these other European destinations Americans must follow the rules of the dark red zone list.

Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Quarantine entry requirements

When it comes to quarantine mandates, travelers from the US and Canada are allowed to enter Bulgaria without the need for self-isolation as long as they represent one of the documents listed above. When it comes to vaccination informationthey are must contain the same data as the EU Covid digital certificatewhich usually include the person’s name, date of birth, batch and manufacturer of the vaccine, and date of vaccination.

That means The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CC) vaccination record card is accepted as valid proof of entry. However, travelers should note that the EU as a whole, which includes Bulgaria, has recently established a Valid for 9 months for two-dose or single-dose vaccination courses. Now, in order for their certificates to be renewed and continue to enjoy unlimited travel, Americans demand a booster dose.

Panorama of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Validity of travel documents

Below you will find all the relevant information related to validity of Covid travel documents to Bulgaria:

  • Dual doses certificates are valid from the 15th to the 270th day after taking the second dose;
  • Confirmation of the booster / third dose for dual-dose programs or the Johnson & Johnson / Janssen booster extends the validity of the vaccination certificate indefinitelyat least for now;
  • COVID-19 Recovery Certificate taken from the 11th to the 180th day after a positive test has been documented.

If not vaccinated and trying to go to Bulgaria, Americans and Canadiansas well as any other non-Bulgarian and EU citizens, should arrange pre-departure tests. Those who arrive in Bulgaria without the necessary documentation risk being denied entry or stay in quarantine for 10 days, with the possibility of ending the isolation period earlier if the test takes place at least 72 hours after arrival. No matter Americans should not try to visit Bulgaria without one of these documents.

Panorama of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

A form of health

Currently there is no specific form of health or pre-departure form / registration required for those traveling to Bulgaria as can be checked on Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Recently, other EU countries and EU partners like Ireland and Norway too abolished the Covid time forms, which means Americans can now ride in a much less bureaucratic Europe.

Trams in Central Sofia, Bulgaria

Entry requirements for travel insurance from COVID-19

As in the health forms, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not mention Covid travel insurance as a requirement for travel. We don’t care we advise all our readers to purchase insurance before going abroad, especially in these uncertain times. З Full HeyMondo lighting, travelers need not worry about flight cancellationsquarantine costs, or even Covid treatment is needed abroad.

And, with tough travel policy countries like the US and Canada, those returning home to America may even run aground, and with installation costsif not allowed to fly due to a positive test on Covid. That goes without saying, though no journey is risk-free in the world we live in, be insured can at least give travelers calm.

Masked people in Sofia, Bulgaria

Health requirements COVID-19 during your stay in Bulgaria

Although Vaccination is not a prerequisite for a trip to Bulgariamaybe restrictions that apply to unvaccinated individuals once inside the country:

  • As of October 2021 all persons over the age of 18 must present a Covid certificate (vaccination record, recovery letter or negative PCR / antigen not older than 72 hours and 48 hours respectively) to access all public places (restaurants, cafes, cinemas, gyms, shopping malls, hotels, museums, etc.). e.);
  • Masks are mandatory in all public places and open public spaces where there is a crowd and a physical distance of at least 1.5 m cannot be maintained;
  • Group meetings, including celebrations, are limited to 15 people indoors and 30 outdoors.

On the other hand, all shops and tourist facilities remain open throughout the countryand there is also no curfew anywhere in Bulgaria, or restrictions on long-distance travel.

The traveler is pictured with a vaccine passport and a Canadian passport

Vaccine requirements for COVID-19

While travelers do not need a special vaccine to visit Bulgaria, if it is impossible to provide a certificate of vaccination they must submit a PCR test issued within 72 hours of crossing the border. Or, if a rapid antigen test is performed instead, the test window is reduced to 48 hours.

The the testing period is counted back from the planned border crossingand not since landing. Once in Bulgariaalso Covid certificate a valid vaccine passportrecovery paper or sequential tests required to enter most institutions.

Traveler in Sofia, Bulgaria

Visa requirements for entry into Bulgaria during COVID-19

Bulgaria kept its own the usual visa rules before a pandemicwhich means travelers from the United StatesCanada, UK, Mexico and many more you can enter without a visa. They are allowed to stay in Bulgaria for 90 days in any 180-day periodwith arrival is counted as 1 day, and the date of departure – for the last day.

Visit to EU countries in the Schengen area do does not count towards the 90-day limit, as Bulgaria is not yet a Schengen member. Any time spent in comrades non-Schengen EU countries such as Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and Romania too are not taken into account either in the 90-day Schengen area limit or in Bulgaria. To stay longer in the country, Americans are advised to obtain a long-term visa in advance.

American and Canadian travelers, as well as other non-EU citizens, should also have a a passport valid for at least 3 months after the scheduled departure date from the Republic of Bulgaria. Inconsistency with these rules can lead to planting difficulties in or out of the country, especially for those who have overdue them Tourist visa for 3 months.

Hand holding a US passport

Entry requirements for Bulgaria Covid-19

  • Make sure the passport is valid for more than 3 months from the date of the intended departure;
  • There are either a valid certificate of vaccination containing data similar to their own in the European Union Digital covid certificatea negative PCR (taken 72 hours before arrival) or a rapid antigen test (48 hours), or a certificate of recovery issued before 180 days from the date of infection;
  • For the vaccinatedconfirm that the original vaccination certificate was issued in last 9 monthsor then arrange a booster at least two weeks before the trip;
  • When arrived from Fr. Dark red zonepresent both the vaccination card and the negative PCR test;
  • Be able to satisfy the border authorities with any documents proving you a true visitor and will not seek to delay your visa, such as ticket back or forward and evidence of sufficient funds during your stay.

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