Qantas selects Airbus to upgrade A321-P2F

Qantas has chosen Airbus to upgrade its three A321-P2F aircraft with new systems and glider upgrades.

Modifications will include the latest standard cockpit LCD displays, weather radar, the ability to control onboard flight data ETOPS 120 and the application of the program to improve the life of the glider with extended maintenance (ESG).

Airbus will provide service bulletins and technical support, as well as update technical documentation for the aircraft to facilitate upgrades.

Airbus Customer Service Manager Klaus Rowe said: “We are very pleased that Qantas trusts Airbus’ engineering expertise to upgrade its aircraft to the latest technical standards.

“This update also shows how Airbus customer service is committed to keeping its aircraft in operation with all modern capabilities, thereby preserving our customers’ asset value and long-term investment in our products.”

https://www.aviationbusinessnews.com/mro/qantas-selects-airbus-for-a321-p2f-upgrades/ Qantas selects Airbus to upgrade A321-P2F

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