Qantas flight attendants threaten strike after Qantas raises profit forecast to A$2.5 billion

A day after Qantas raised its profit forecast for the second time in six weeks, the largest section of its workforce, flight attendants, voted almost unanimously to strike without a deal for better pay. The specific terms of such an action have not yet been determined. The escalating pay dispute comes as a direct result of Qantas’ ASX announcement on November 23 that it increased its profit forecast by A$150 million to A$1.35-1.45 billion in underlying pre-tax profit for the first time. half of its fiscal year. The carrier’s debt is expected to fall to A$2.3 billion to A$2.5 billion by December 31, about A$900 million more than forecast.

It will be the first time flight attendants have gone on strike at Qantas, although Terry O’Toole of the Flight Attendants Association was keen to point out that every effort would be made to minimize disruption to passengers. O’Toole was also disappointed by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s comment that most Qantas employees were paid A$100,000 a year.

“Crew are the largest labor group in the airline and earn an average of A$48,000, which is slightly above the modern award,” O’Toole said, adding “we’re not asking for too much compensation for the two-year pay freeze. serving the airline in conditions that required us to study the ever-changing restrictions in each state in the air, the daily risk to our health and the consistent violence from passengers.’ O’Toole also commented that “The crew and the public have had enough, but we’re at a tipping point. You can’t post a profit increase of A$150 million and expect the crew to take a pay cut,” she said.

Qantas disputes the union’s position that the pay offer was a pay cut amid a two-year pay freeze. (£1.00 = AU$1.79 at time of publication)

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https://www.avitrader.com/2022/11/25/qantas-flight-attendants-threaten-strike-action-after-qantas-upgrades-profit-forecast-to-au2-5-billion/ Qantas flight attendants threaten strike after Qantas raises profit forecast to A$2.5 billion

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