Proponents Ask Beyond Meat Claims | 2021-06-15

Organizations monitoring the accuracy of advertising claims say Beyond Meat makers aren’t true if: It says on that website Plant-based products do not contain “synthetically produced ingredients”.

To make that claim Advocacy Group Truthin Advertising Cites the Presence of Methyl Cellulose According to the group, the “natural flavors” of the product may contain synthetic chemicals. Beyond Meat calls methylcellulose a “plant fiber derivative”.

Truth in Advertising cites a 2011 article on methylcellulose. It does not occur naturally and is produced by heating cellulose in a caustic solution and treating it with methyl chloride. Natural flavors “derived from natural resources such as plants, but can contain over 100 chemicals, some of which can be synthetic,” says

Beyond Meat did not respond to a request for comment.

For other news, Proponents Ask Beyond Meat Claims | 2021-06-15

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