Properly organize Valentine’s Day – the British have found that the British are preparing inappropriate dates

Do it right on a Valentine’s Day date (photo: Anastasia –

What to avoid and what to do on Valentine’s Day

A new study by Samsung Electronics UK Ltd for Valentine’s Day shows that the British “top five” inconvenient and awkward kitchen problems when preparing romantic food for your partner.

Digested or undercooked food topped the list as the most common “fakes” (20 percent).

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Digestion or undercooking is a big mistake when cooking (photo: greenazya –

This is closely followed by spoiling the time when everything is cooked (19 percent).

Don’t spoil the time when everything is cooked (photo: Atstock Productions –

Burning food is another common mistake (18 percent).

Big fake – burning food (photo: Andrei Popov –

Even though they are in a relationship, some Brits have surprisingly admitted to cooking a dish that their partner doesn’t like (15 per cent).

Some Britons admit that they cook a dish that their partner does not like (photo: Akova –

Some even forget that their loved one is allergic to the ingredient they used (15 percent).

Some partners forget what their partner is allergic to (photo: Kaspars Grinvalds –

A study by Samsung to support their innovative Dual Cook Flex ovens ™ also found that fillet steak is likely to be present at many dinner tables this Valentine’s Day, and one in five Britons (20 per cent) says it’s theirs a favorite dinner of all time. dish with dates.

However, Generation Z disagreed with the vegetarian curry that topped the list (13 percent) for their age group.

The study highlighted growing demand for “dinner for two” packages, and nearly one in five (17 percent) Britons plan to purchase one of the packages to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

When it came to nightly meetings, the list was topped by conversations about ex-partners (33 percent), followed by chats at work (33 percent), bad manners at the table (32 percent) and bad music (19 percent).

To help couples on Valentine’s Day, Samsung has enlisted the help of lead dating expert Sarah Louise Ryan to give her top tips on how to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner at home, including how to avoid the usual accidents and make sure that there is no kitchen or culinary drama in the oven.

Dress to impress

Dress to impress Valentine’s date (photo: yanaaa –

After a few years in our favorite running shorts, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to pull everything off to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. Dress up to impress if you really want to set up a date scene.

Plan your meals ahead

Try to plan food ahead (photo: Asier –

You don’t want to be hiccuping at the last minute due to missing ingredients or two, so plan ahead for what you’re both doing so you don’t have to worry about cooking.

You can cook different dishes

You can cook different dishes (photo: sonyakamoz –

Why don’t you both mix while cooking one dish at a time? So, could your partner have a snack and dessert while you were doing the main course?

Work like a dream team when you work to set up a romance

It may be that one of you is in the kitchen and the other has no idea what to do.

Practice a lot of patience with each other so as not to ignite the evening flames, and if necessary, choose a chef and a co-chef.

Keep all work communication off the table

So many couples use dating as time to plan and catch up with an administrator’s life and seemingly daily routine. Challenge yourself and each other to have a conversation about strict romance and about the two of you as a couple.

Topics for conversation

Look at how to plan a vacation, your next joint trip for a weekend or weekly / monthly appointments. Think about what you would like to do spontaneously or planning ahead.

Keeping the date in awe

Create a meeting jar in which each of you will write down on a few sheets of paper a lot of things you would like to do during the dates – fold them up and pull out one by one for each night of dating.

Dessert preparation

Why don’t you prepare a trio of desserts to share when you finish your house on Valentine’s Day?

Continuing the night

Think about watching a movie together or playing a second game for you, the few competitive ones.

If you’ve been a dream team in the kitchen, you may want to put each other’s business with the spirit of competition. Or for those of you who are ready to relax, just relax on the couch.

Make sure you have fun

Valentine’s Day Dating doesn’t have to be a pressure cooker event. Do it the way you and your partner want it to be easy, fun, playful and exciting. You both deserve to let your hair down and laugh, and with whom is it better to do it than with your other person? Properly organize Valentine’s Day – the British have found that the British are preparing inappropriate dates

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