Priyanka Chopra and Megan Rapinoe Participate in Victoria’s Secret Rebranding

Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and American soccer player Megan Rapinoe have joined Victoria’s Secret for the “dramatic” rebranding of the puzzled lingerie giant.

Known for its annual fashion show, the company features some of the world’s top models to hit catwalks sports jeweled bras and angel wings.

However, the once soaring popularity of the event has diminished amid the criticism of sexism and the lack of diversity.

The last fashion show was 2018.

Victoria’s Secret has announced a brand change, including the launch of VS Collective, a group of seven high-performing women.

They include Indian actress Chopra (38), top soccer player Rapinoe (35), transgender model and activist Valentina Sampaio (24), and 17-year-old Chinese freestyle skier Eileen Gu. Will be.

Other women in the group are South Sudan-Australian model Aduto Aketch (21), media talent Amanda de Cadene (49) and plus-size model Paloma Elsesser (29).

The company said VS Collective’s role would include brand advice and advertising.

Martin Waters, Victoria’s Secret Chief Executive Officer, said:

Victoria’s Secret was known for its annual fashion show, but is about to change its brand name to meet the changing demands of the market (Aurore Marechal / PA).

“These new initiatives are just the beginning. We are energized and humbled by the work that precedes us.”

The company also announced the VS Global Fund for Women’s Cancer, which aims to help find treatments and cures for the disease, the company said.

Chopra, who is married to singer Nick Jonas, said: It’s most exciting for new customers and those who are always Victoria’s Secret customers, who feel represented and feel like they belong to them. ”

Victoria’s Secret will be spun off from its parent company Elbrands this summer and was announced earlier this year.

Not only was the blame for focusing too much on thin models rather than a wide range of shapes, but reports of a sexist corporate culture undermined the brand’s image.

And its former owner, Les Wexner, left the board of directors of L Brands in a scrutiny of his relationship with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein. Priyanka Chopra and Megan Rapinoe Participate in Victoria’s Secret Rebranding

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