Pork cut-off values ​​close again at $ 10 – AgFax

Photo: Soybean Checkoff

As the trade begins next week, the livestock market will look forward to seeing how many cattle have been sold over time last week.


It was a huge week for the lean pig complex when support came from both futures and fundamentals. The live cattle market received mixed support as cash jumped $ 2.00 higher, but futures traded without enthusiasm.

Pig prices averaged 86.78 in the National Direct Afternoon Report on Pigs, ranging from $ 82.00 to $ 100.00 per 2,821 head.

March corn rose by 4 1/4 cents per bushel, and March soybean flour rose by $ 1.30. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 227.43 points and the NASDAQ fell 170.09 points. Pork cut-off values ​​close again at $ 10 – AgFax

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