Piedmont Airlines has entered into a preliminary agreement with pilots to improve the quality of life

Piedmont Airlinesregional operator American Airlines, and Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) have reached a tentative agreement that will improve the quality of life for pilots.

Improving the quality of life of regional pilots

Pilots across the country are fighting for better pay and quality of life in the face of current career conditions. Piedmont Airlines pilots just won a victory thanks to the efforts of ALPA and the airline, who worked to reach a tentative agreement on quality of life improvements and redundancy rules.

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The preliminary agreement includes the following:

  • Updated reserve rules – Captains (including direct entry captains) will not spend extended time on short reserve. With 250 airline hours, each captain will be guaranteed a long call reserve, a minimum 12 hour call
  • 12 days off per month for all pilots
  • 50% pay increase on certain holidays for all pilots
  • Pilots with “eligible advanced training hours” (including part 135 or 91K) will be able to receive longevity from other airlines. This will allow pilots to be placed higher on the pay scale.

Eddie Leverton, vice president of flight operations at Piedmont, acknowledged that redundancy rules have been a major concern for direct-entry captains considering new roles.

“We saw an opportunity to make improvements not just for our direct entry captains, but for all of our captains. We recently announced a fantastic economy package, this week we matched it with a quality of life package that offers significant and tangible improvements to the work-life balance that all Piedmont Airlines pilots can expect. This proposal demonstrates an understanding of how important these issues are to our pilots.”

Piedmont recently announced an enhanced offering for Direct Entry Captains. For pilots with 950+ hours of qualified Part 121 hours who accept a conditional offer of employment (CJO) by December 31 and begin training in January or February 2023. Piedmont is offering a $100,000 bonus.

Pilots at Piedmont earn some of the highest salaries in the industry. Currently, a captain’s salary starts at $146 per hour and increases to $213 per hour for each year of experience. The airline also offered a substantial bonus to senior officers. First officers with 500-949 qualifying hours are eligible for a $75,000 bonus when hired by the end of 2022.

Two other regional airlines offer big hiring bonuses

PSA Airlines and Messenger of the air, American eagle all operators offered bonuses of $100,000 for direct entry captains. The bonus offers were made to bridge the gap between the number of first officers and captains at regional airlines.

PSA and Envoy bonus requirements are slightly different than Piedmont. At Envoy, the bonus is offered to first officers with more than 950 hours in Part 121 (Commercial Airline) who are ready to begin training to become captains. For those with 500-949 hours, Envoy offers a bonus of $75,000. PSA offers a $100,000 bonus to pilots with more than 950 hours of 121 or 135 hours who are already eligible to become captains.

https://simpleflying.com/piedmont-airlines-reaches-tentative-agreement-pilots-improve-quality-life/ Piedmont Airlines has entered into a preliminary agreement with pilots to improve the quality of life

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