Pea weevil – the latest Alberta overview and map available

Growers should use the information obtained from this survey, along with their own experience, to plan control strategies such as seed treatment for the 2022 harvest. Studies have shown that seed treatment much more effectively reduces pea weevil losses than foliar treatments.

The first record of pea weevil attacks on field peas in Alberta was in 2000 near Lethbridge. Since then, the PLW range has expanded north of Edmonton (2020). In Alberta, the pest is commonly found in pea fields south of Highway 1, with insect densities and damage increasing to Lethbridge.

Insect controllers have been operating since 2001 annual survey of pea weevil which help predict the PLW range and damage level. Surveyors visit pea fields from Warner in the south to Peace River in the northwest.

Beginning in 2014, significant damage to weevils from pea leaves was observed on beans over a much larger area than shown in this study conducted on field peas. This insect does as much or more damage to the beans. The true economic damage of pea weevils to both pea and faba beans on soils with the highest organic matter of central Alberta is not well understood, but studies have been initiated to elucidate this relationship.

More information can be found at Alberta Agriculture Website. Pea weevil – the latest Alberta overview and map available

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