Past presidents gather to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Greenmount Association

To mark the occasion, past presidents of the association were invited back to the Greenmount campus to tour the current facilities and reminisce about days gone by.

The current secretary of the Greenmount Association, Philip Holdsworth, welcomed guests to the campus with a cup of tea and scones. The process began with an update by College Principal Martin McKendree.

Head of Campus Redevelopment James O’Boyle then took guests on a walk down memory lane. Many old photographs tell the story of the university campus from its opening in 1912 to the present day. James also shared his vision for the future campus and described the huge renovation work planned for the coming years. The next point of the tour was the Center for Horticulture and Greenhouses. An overview of the current innovative work being done at the Center was given and former horticulture students were in awe of the modern potting equipment used by students today. Last but not least, visitors were given a tour of the dairy factory. The former presidents were then treated to a delicious lunch at The Manor Restaurant.

Pictured: Greenmount Association Secretary Philip Holdsworth, Greenmount Association Treasurer Alistair Boyle, Head of Campus Redevelopment James O’Boyle and College Principal Martin McKendree with Past Presidents; Derek Reid, James King, Current, Brian Knipe, 2013-14, Clarence Calderwood, 2011-12, Michael Graham, 2010-11, Celine Boyle, 2009-10, Mark McCollum, 2008-09, Stuart Watson, 2007-08, Colin Boggs, 2005-06, Barry Barr, 2004-05, Sandra Hunter, 2003-04, Martin Sloan, 2000-02, Una Chesney, 1997-98, Dessie Workman, 1995-96, W.J. Taylor, 1993-94, James Brown, 1988-89, J. Fleming, 1987-88, John Wilson, 1986-87, A. Hunter, 1983-84, A. Irwin, 1982-83, W. Hirst, 1980-81, M. Acheson, 1978-79, Raymond Bingham, 1971- 72.

The Association has scheduled a Dinner Dance on Friday 18th November 2022 at 7.30pm in the Tullyglass House Hotel, Ballymena. To book tickets (£30) visit the following page on the CAFRE website: Past presidents gather to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Greenmount Association

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