OSF introduces new board members and executive director at the AGM

Sheep Farmers of Ontario has seen a major change in staff and board members in 2022.

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Colleen Alloi, First Vice President, Jay Lewis, Second Vice President, and Directors Heather Little and Gary Fox have left the board, replaced by newly elected Directors Jay Lennox, District 2, Ryan Schill, District 5, Karen Davis, District 8 and Jenna White, District 11.

Art Alblas and Ken Lamb are now OSF’s first and second vice presidents, respectively.

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“Gary Fox has been around for what seems like forever, but Gary is stepping down,” said John Hemsted, OSF president. “We thank Gary for all his contributions, his words of wisdom and the political experience he has brought to the table over the years.”

Erin Morgan was introduced as the new Executive Director, while OSF honored former CEO Jennifer MacTavish with the Long Service Award.

“Her dedication and help in developing the National Sheep Round Table and commitment to the ideas that came out of those meetings have been a great strength and success to the industry as a whole,” said Dennis Fischer, Past President of the Sheep Marketing Association of Ontario.

MacTavish’s efforts to build a strong working relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and other commodity groups have been appreciated and respected, as has her commitment to industry committees, he said.

“Developing projects like the Price Predictability Project and helping to create and reintroduce the Shepherd Scores stand out as big accomplishments,” said Fischer. “She helped move the case forward. It took many hours of dedication to get to where it is today and we have to keep moving forward.”

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Bill McCutcheon of the Ontario Lamb Company said McTavish’s listening skills, patience and respect for producers are well known and appreciated.

“She’s provided tremendous stability to our organization over the years and has been incredibly good at finding funding and getting the things we need,” McCutcheon said. OSF introduces new board members and executive director at the AGM

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