Orolia Defense & Security will deliver a CRPA testing solution to the US Air Force

Orolia’s protection and security was selected from the U.S. Air Force Guided Arms Assessment (GWEF) to deliver a solution for testing Controlled Antenna Receiving Schemes (CRPA).

As agreed, the company will supply BroadSim Wavefront, a software-defined CRPA testing system.

Adding CRPA testing solutions protects platforms from electronic attacks in the NAVWAR environment.

BroadSim Wavefront will be integrated into a test environment for networked, collaborative and stand-alone weapon systems being developed as part of the U.S. Air Force Golden Horde program.

The Golden Horde is an Air Force Vanguard program that seeks to support the development of new weapons systems and combat concepts through experimentation and prototyping.

In addition, BroadSim Wavefront is capable of testing eight-element CRPA systems, eight simultaneous fixed radiation antenna (FRPA) systems, or a combination of the two.

According to Orolia Defense & Security, BroadSim Wavefront was chosen because it met several of the capabilities required by GWEF. It includes features such as low latency hardware, automated calibration and the ability to integrate future signals and sensors.

Orolia Defense & Security product director Tyler Homann said: “When developing BroadSim Wavefront, we rethought every aspect for the user.

“Although the GWEF unit contains eight nodes (corresponding to each antenna element), it can be scaled from four to 16 antenna elements. One of the greatest achievements is our technique of continuous phase monitoring and compensation.

“It automatically monitors, aligns and adjusts the phase of each RF output continuously throughout the scenario.” Orolia Defense & Security will deliver a CRPA testing solution to the US Air Force

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