Nutella Biscuits will soon appear in all major UK supermarkets

Nutella cookies will start in the UK this spring (Photo: Ferrero)

Nutella fans may soon be looking forward to more chocolate goodies as a new range of cookies is launched in the UK.

Ferrero, an Italian manufacturer of the iconic brand, recently launched a creamy cookie Europe and Ireland, where they proved extremely successful.

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What cookies will be available?

Nutella cookies contain the creamy heart of the popular chocolate nut, sandwiched between crispy golden cookies.

Buyers will be able to purchase a shared package or pack of three to enjoy on the go.

The Nutella Biscuits tube will also be available later this year.

James Stewart, Marketing Director of Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said: “After the success of the sold-outs in Europe we know that our fans are looking forward to when our Nutella cookies appear on the shelves in the UK.

“We are very excited to present the iconic taste of Nutella in the form of cookies to our fans in the UK and can’t wait to hear their thoughts.

“We are confident that the irresistible taste of our cookies will be very popular, and we hope everyone enjoys sharing them with their loved ones.”

(Photo: Ferrero)

When can I buy them?

Nutella cookies will appear on the shelves of all major UK supermarkets from March.

Fans will have to wait a little longer for the biscuit tube, which is due to arrive in the UK in September.

Biscuit tube will be available from September (Photo: Ferrero)

How much will the cookies cost?

Nutella x 3 cookies can be bought for £ 0.75 and a Nutella cookie bag for £ 2.79.

The Nutella Biscuits tube will be launched in the UK in September for £ 1.99. Nutella Biscuits will soon appear in all major UK supermarkets

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