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Cash markets at noon

Direct trade in cash cattle is stopped. Most of the week’s business is over. The asking prices for the few cattle on the showcases are about $ 143 live in the south and $ 228 plus dressed in the north. This week’s bids were $ 142 live in the South, generally $ 2 higher than last week’s weighted average. Businesses in the north were mostly $ 226, about $ 2 more than last week’s weighted average in Nebraska.

Canned beef was lower at noon due to the light demand for fairly light offers. Choice is $ 2.39 lower at $ 267.20, and Select is $ 0.58 lower at $ 264.27. The margin of choice is $ 2.93.

At Mitchell Livestock Auction in South Dakota, compared to last week, the feeding bulls were $ 2 to $ 4 higher, with the exception of the $ 650 to £ 750 buoys, which were consistently $ 2 lower. . Feeding heifers were $ 1 to $ 3 lower. The USDA says buyers’ demand was good for a moderate supply, which consisted mostly of Hereford-influenced cattle. Revenues decreased per week and increased per year. The supply of the feeder included 61% oxen and 92% of the supply was over 600 pounds. Medium and large 1 feeder 700 to 745 pounds feeds brought in $ 163 to $ 179.50, and those from 860 to 899 pounds brought in $ 150.50 to $ 159.75. Medium and large feeding heifers 1 from 764 to 798 pounds brought in $ 149.25 to $ 157.50, and feeding heels from 871 to 898 pounds brought in $ 146.50 to 147 pounds. , $ 75.

Cash Hogs had moderate purchases negotiated to start the day. Processors continue to monitor the availability of market-ready mounds and glories. Demand for US pork has been strong in the global and domestic markets, which has helped to provide some price support. However, there are concerns about long-term demand, which has put additional pressure on prices. Barrows and gilts from National Daily Direct had no comparison, but a base range of $ 82 to $ 100 and a weighted average of $ 85.81. Prices in the regional direct markets were not reported due to confidentiality.

Butcher pig prices in the Midwest cash markets are constant at $ 60.

Pork values ​​are lower at lunch – down $ 0.75 to $ 115.79. Hams and picnics are much lower. The buttocks and thighs are below. The ribs and belly are higher and much higher. Noon Cash Markets – Brownfield Ag News

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