No injuries after mid-air collision near Denver

On Wednesday, May 12, two light aircraft collided in the air near Centennial Airport in Denver. Initially, two planes collided at Cherry Creek State Park, south of Bellevue and Peoria, at around 10:25 local time. One crashed and the second landed safely at Centennial Airport. I wasn’t injured.

A key lime air metroliner similar to the one involved in the mid-air collision on Wednesday.Photo: Key Lime Air

Cirrus SR-22 collides with Key Lime Air Metroliner II in the air

by Aviation HeraldThe two aircraft involved were the Key Lime Airswear Lingen SA-226TC Metroliner II (registered N280KL) and the Private Cirrus SR-22 (registered N416DJ). There was one pilot on board the Key Lime Air aircraft and two on board the Cirrus SR-22.

The Aviation Herald reports that a key lime air aircraft was on a visual approach to runway 17L at Centennial Airport. Pilots were allowed to approach and pass to pass 6,400 feet, three nautical miles north of the runway threshold.

The Cirrus aircraft has been cleared for a visual approach to Runway 17R. The pilot noticed a key lime air aircraft entering the parallel runway. As the plane passed 6,400 feet, three nautical miles north of Runway 17R, the cirrus crossed the centerlines of both Runway 17R and 17L.

At this point, the two planes collided. According to The Aviation Herald’s report, the Cirrus aircraft then took out the entire cabin section and attacked across the fuselage of the Key Lime plane, just above the wings. The Key Lime Air pilot declared an emergency and told the local ATC that the engine on the right had failed. parachute It was deployed from another aircraft.

Lucky escape for the crew of both planes

The image of the damaged Metroliner suggests that the pilot had a lucky escape and showed considerable skill in getting the plane on the ground and leaving. Voice recording reveals a very cool and collected Metroliner pilot proclaiming an emergency and ATC scramble to clear up other traffic around the airport.

Deputy Sheriff John Bertmann of Arapaho said Fox Denver, “You are expecting something worse. This was amazing. “

Photos posted online show that the cirrus has become angry in the field. Both crew members of the plane were unharmed. The Cirrus SR-22 was owned by Independence Aviation, a training school based at Centennial Airport.

Cirrus aircraft lands with the help of a parachute

Key lime air spokesperson, Metroliner Denver The media. “A Denver-based airline said the aircraft suffered significant tail and tail damage.

“We are actively investigating the case between the FAA and the NTSB. When the information becomes available, we decide that it is appropriate for the authorities to share it with the general public. Will do so. “ A spokeswoman said.

“We cannot thank the entire company for not being injured. We thank everyone who has contacted our company and its people with concern.”

The footage posted online shows a cirrus floating downwards with the help of a parachute. It was reported that the plane was also severely damaged and debris was scattered throughout the area.

Both Federal Aviation Administration The National Transportation Safety Board has begun investigating the accident and dispatched personnel to the scene.

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