NFL agrees to relax COVID-19 restrictions on vaccinated athletes

June 16th (UPI)- The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to renew COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Training camp and pre-season game protocol. We will maintain strict limits for unvaccinated players, but loosen almost everything for fully vaccinated players.

In the memo distributed on Wednesday ESPN, NFL media And that Boston Globe, The league has outlined a set of protocols that effectively create two teams within each franchise.

According to the memo, fully unvaccinated players (defined as those who are at least two weeks old from the final shot) will continue to be subject to daily testing. Those individuals also need to wear masks and practice physical distance and should be quarantined in the event of exposure to anyone with COVID-19.

Other policies for unvaccinated players include: Significant travel restrictions, including demotion to another team plane. There are rules such as prohibiting meals with teammates and participation in sponsorship activities, and prohibiting gatherings with three or more players away from the team facility.

Vaccinated players do not face any of these restrictions. These players should be tested once every two weeks.

The team also received additional details regarding access to fans and media related to training camps and pre-season matches, as well as detailed information for players who violate the protocol.

This memo informed the team to keep fans at least 20 feet away from players and key staff during the camp. That is, no signatures or photos are allowed. Fully vaccinated media members have access to remote face-to-face interviews, but access to locker rooms is restricted to teams and NFL media, or NFL films. NFL agrees to relax COVID-19 restrictions on vaccinated athletes

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