NATO’s ABDM High Visibility Project adds Romania as the 15th participant

Romania has joined High Visibility Project for NATO Air Combat (ABDM).

The high-visibility project solves the requirements of the participants for ammunition in the air zone in an economical and flexible way.

The scope of the carcass originally included only high-precision ammunition class “air-to-ground”. It was later expanded to include ABDM, which is any type of ammunition or explosive, mainly missiles, missiles and bombs.

Since its founding in 2014, the initiative has given Allies access to air-based munitions.

Romania is the 15th participant in the ammunition cooperation. Other participants include Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The ceremony of signing the memorandum of understanding took place in Brussels (Belgium) during a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

The event was attended by NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana, Greek National Defense Minister Nicolaas Panagiotopoulos and Romanian National Defense Minister Vasily Dincu.

Joanna said: “ABDM has been fulfilling this promise since 2018. Thanks to innovative acquisition strategies, participants have reduced the cost of ammunition with high aiming accuracy by 15-20%.

“In response to urgent operational requirements, they were able to reduce the delivery time to one year. At the same time, they have greatly improved the interaction and sharing of their stockpiles, making NATO forces a more unified force in operations. ”

In October 2021 NATO Defense Ministers approved the first-ever treaty strategy in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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