Mexico is named one of the best places in the world for remote workers

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З digital nomadism on the rise and a the number of sunny vacations now covers the new work model in 2022, the search engine travels Kayak delved into the case and identified Mexico as a presenter Destination of North and Central America for remote workers.

While nomadism is only gaining momentum now, largely due to the pandemic, Mexico is widely known as digital access point for nomads for many years. With his Caribbean beaches to the south, and world cities such as Mexico City and Cancun, millions liked it long-term travelers even before Kovid.

Female digital nomad stretches while working remotely on her computer on a beach in the Caribbean

Mexico in the top three destinations for digital nomads in North and Central America

Through the kayaks Work with Anywhere Indexan interactive microsite owned by the company, travelers can choose their own favorite countries when it comes to work-life balance from list 111. Weather, accessibility, health and safety, remote work and social life are among the most important factors.

Given them, Mexico ranks third in the North and Central American subgroup, claiming to be enviable score 75 out of 100 and reflection recent trends which also indicates what it will become one of the leading tourist destinations in the world in the post-Covid era.

High angle view of the city of Queretaro in Mexico with the Mexican flag

According to Kayak users, Mexico boasts some of the lowest prices for local food and apartment rentalsmaking it perfect destination for remote workers living on a limited budget. In fact, the birthplace of the Maya scores are even higher at local prices (85/100) than the countries that occupy the first two places.

Above Mexico on the list, regional leader Costa Rica had an average score of only 76/100 on availability categorywhile second place Panama registered a little more than 77/100, which proves nomads still find cheaper deals when in Mexico than elsewhere in that particular geographical area.

The young businessman misses a quick lunch

They can also access fast internet across the country and can easily apply for a temporary residence visa if you want to stay longer than the usual 180 days as tourists. Strong air connection also contributes to placing Mexico on the list, p new flight routes are added from several cities in the US and Canada almost weekly.

However, both Costa Rica and Panama still beat the North American giant in several other categories, including health and safety. In this category, In Mexico, a disappointing 58/100of it struggle to curb the growth of crime recently well documented.

Municipal police in a city in Mexico

Especially in Cancun and the surrounding areaincreased gang activity and corrupt practices have led to United States office update their travel guide for the district, s Now Americans are urged to be very careful when visiting. When it comes to the weatherKayak readers also seem to prefer other destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico has scored 54/100 on this front.

On a brighter note, Mexico still ranks much higher than other popular destinations in North and Central Americaincluding the United States, which scored 52/100 and reached a moderate number of seven, and neighboring Belizewhich is at the even lower number ten, dialing only 28/100.

The traveler takes a panoramic picture of what looks like Mexico City in Mexico

According to Liz Vives, head of state Kayak Mexico, the agency developed the index, hoping to help travelers “plan your vacation by working remotely.” In addition to North and Central America, digital nomads can also browse other continentsincluding Europe and Asiaor access more complete world ranking.

As for Mexico, Vives said Kayak was “very pleased” the country stood out in North and Central Americaespecially by “having affordable prices and high connection«. Vives believes these qualities have helped consolidate Mexico as “one of the favorite countries for professionals who also want to enjoy incredible direction at remote work “.

A masked traveler takes a selfie with a blurred Mayan pyramid in the background

What are the rules for digital nomads who are now moving to Mexico?

Throughout the pandemic, Mexico sought to strengthen its position on the world stage as a competitive yet safe destination Kovid-cautious travelers. While most European and Asian destinations have repeatedly closed their doors to American tourists, including nomads, Mexico remained a safe haven for the community and continued to greet them, regardless of vaccination status.

Currently in order to to enter Mexico from the United States, American travelers are simply required to have a valid passportwithout a certificate of vaccination, PCR or antigen analysis, or even a pre-departure registration form required at the border.

The person who scans the US passport

Tourists are usually given a 180-day entry stampallowing them to stay in Mexico for six months in a row. However, we have heard reports that some travelers come across by accident getting shorter entry markswhich may inevitably affect the plans of those who expect to work remotely longer.

For this reason, we advise our readers who are also digital nomads and who think temporarily resides in Mexico check the entry stamp obtained at the border after landing as well those caught for delay may be fined or even a face difficulties in attempting to re-enter Mexico in the future.

At the border control put a stamp in the US passport

Digital nomads can also apply for a temporary residence visa up to four years in Mexico which actually works as a digital visa for nomads seeing this they are not allowed to receive payments from any Mexican sources, including local companies and organizations. They must also meet other requirements, including the basic income threshold. More information is available here.

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