Meet Toby, a one-year-old Labradoodle looking for a sweet new home

Toby is a one year old labrador/poodle and his favorite toy is a tennis ball.

He really wants to get tasty treats, which are very useful for training.

He loves the attention of his favorite people and becomes an affectionate boy as soon as he gets to know you. The ideal owner for Toby would be someone who is used to large, strong dogs and can lead them.

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Toby needs someone who is home most of the day to help him settle into his new home. Adopters should be prepared to hold several meetings at the center to give Toby time to adjust with them.

Toby would do best in a quiet adult-only home with no children.

He also needs quiet places to walk without traffic.

Learn more about Toby here.


Meanwhile, Max is a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier.

This is a friendly dog ​​that likes to meet new people.

He likes to play with his toys and go on “sniffing” walks.

Max may find car trips a little stressful, so he would prefer not to go on long trips.

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He can be a very excitable little guy when meeting dogs.

Max is diabetic and needs a home with specialist adopters who can follow his strict diet and two injections a day, 12 hours apart.

Max is currently enjoying life in foster care.

He is house trained and sleeps in a crate in the kitchen.


He can live with another companion dog if they don’t mind him being a bit rambunctious.

Max can live with middle school kids and older and will need company in the house most of the day.

His caregivers say he is adorable with a wonderful little personality.

Learn more about Max here.

If you would like to know more or can offer Max or Toby a new home, please get in touch Ballymena Resettlement center by phone. 028 2565 2977 Meet Toby, a one-year-old Labradoodle looking for a sweet new home

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