Maritime Launch and Nanoracks are collaborating with Ukraine to develop a cubesat program for Ukrainian universities

Maritime Launch Services Inc. (NEO: MAXQ, OTCQB: MAXQF) and Nanoracks signed a letter of intent with the State Space Agency of Ukraine to support the development of the CubeSat program in Ukraine. The State Space Agency of Ukraine (SKAU), Maritime Launch and Nanoracks jointly announced at the Canadian Space Agency pavilion during the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) 2022 in Paris, France.

Once developed, a team of teachers and students in Ukraine will have a unique opportunity to design and build their own miniature satellite called “CubeSat” for launch into space.

“We are big fans of the Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP), which is led by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA),” says Stephen Mathieu, president and CEO of Maritime Launch. “By supporting the State Space Agency of Ukraine in the development of the CubeSat program, students will receive a unique practical experience that will directly contribute to the growth and development of the talents of the next generation of space specialists in Ukraine.”

The proposed CubeSat program, led by SGAU, invites universities across Ukraine to design and build a satellite for a space mission. SSAU will publish a request for university proposals and then select participants.

“We are honored to support this effort with Maritime Launch and the State Space Agency of Ukraine,” says Dr. Amela Wilson, CEO of Nanoracks. “CubeSat programs offer students a tremendous opportunity to begin a successful career in the space industry, and we are pleased to present this opportunity in Ukraine. Using our experience managing Canada’s CubeSat project for CSA and working with more than a dozen universities across the country, we are confident in the positive impact of this effort.”

Once the CubeSats are designed and built, university teams will prepare for launch. Nanoracks will support students in mission integration, and Maritime Launch will launch student CubeSats from Spaceport Nova Scotia.

As part of this letter of intent, the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Nanoracks and Maritime Launch will work together to develop the terms of the CubeSat program. It is expected that upon completion, space industry professionals in Ukraine will be invited to participate in this program to facilitate mentoring and training of young space industry professionals in Ukraine.

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