Magellan Jets is bringing back the College Tours Jet Card

The Boston-based charter broker announced this week that Magellan Jets is reinstating its 15-hour jet charter for student tours in response to strong demand. Under the program, cardholders tell Magellan which colleges they would like to visit, and the company then handles all the logistics, including shipping and handling services.

In addition, Magellan has partnered with Top Tier Admissions, a consulting firm that provides clients with data to help them choose colleges and provides them with the right questions to help guide their decision-making process. Magellan can also offer customers a “college concierge” who will accompany students on their tours.

Because private jets can access more airports than airliners, they offer a more efficient way to conduct college tours, said Magellan, who notes that some clients may visit more than one school in one day.

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-09-23/magellan-jets-brings-back-college-tours-jet-card Magellan Jets is bringing back the College Tours Jet Card

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