Lufthansa flight delayed for 1 hour as 30 passengers are forced to retake COVID tests

German flagship Lufthansa came under fire from passengers on board Incheondeparture last week after an hour’s delay due to confusion in the authenticity of negative rapid antigen tests.

Landing denied

According to local media, about 30 passengers on board LH0718 were asked to re-pass rapid tests for antigen before boarding, despite a real negative result.

Lufthansa has since confirmed the incident, explaining that the confusion arose after recent changes entry requirementswhich gives passengers a little more freedom when entering the country.


Following a policy change on May 23, passengers arriving in Korea must provide a negative PCR test performed within 48 hours of departure, or a rapid antigen test performed under control within 24 hours of departure. However, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare has warned that all rapid antigen tests done after midnight the day before departure are suitable for travel.

More than 30 passengers had to retake the rapid antigen tests at Munich airport, at least 10 passengers were completely removed from the flight. Photo: Airbus

A misunderstanding on the part of Lufthansa boarding staff led to strict compliance with the 24-hour window, and some passengers were sent through the security service to retake the tests.

In an interview with The Korea Times, passenger Lim Bong Sung shared his experience:

“We passed the rapid antigen tests on May 24 at Munich airport to board the flight the next day, but we were denied boarding, although we were able to go through the airline check-in desk and the immigration service after showing the same results. analysis. . We kept telling Lufthansa staff at the exit that the test results were valid, but the airline staff told us to take the test again, claiming that 24 hours had passed, so we had no choice but to return to the airport entrance to pass more one rapid test for antigen and pass airport security again ”.

The flight was delayed for more than an hour, as a result he took off Munich Airport at 16:42.

Misunderstanding at the gate

One passenger, known as a Twitter user @la_coolos, turned to social media to express his disappointment over the incident, noting that despite the submission of evidence on the CDC website and gatekeepers who keep in touch with the embassy Korea, the situation can not be resolved, leading to them and at least ten other passengers completely miss the flight.

Lufthansa was the only airline with the problem, and another passenger, Ku Ki Son, noted that their friends on board later Turkish Airlines The flight had no problems departing with the same rapid antigen tests done on May 24th.

“Lufthansa complies with Korean government rules against COVID-19 for passengers heading to Seoul,” This was reported by The Korea Times, a representative of Lufthansa. “There seems to have been some confusion with the landing staff since the Korean government recently relaxed the COVID-19 regulations on May 23 to adopt rapid antigen tests.”

The carrier added that it will investigate the matter and cover the cost of testing if his guilt is found.

Were you detained at the airport because of confusion with entry requirements? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Korea Times

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