Lithuania will strengthen its armed forces with 35 “mini” and “small” UAVs

The Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania announced the beginning of a blank the process of buying 26 “mini” and nine “small” variants of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to market analysis, the acquisition of UAV systems is expected to cost almost 36 million euros.

UAVs must meet the requirements of “mini” or “small” systems for reconnaissance. This means that the UAV must weigh less than 150 kg (Class I).

The latest deal involves the purchase of “mini” and “small” UAVs weighing more than 20 kg each.

While the “mini” variant offers a range of up to 25 km and an altitude of over 1,000 m, the “small” type has a range of over 50 km and an altitude of 1,500 m.

These aircraft will assist the personnel in tracking targets, assessing the impact of actions, monitoring artillery fire, adjusting and adjusting artillery fire.

The Minister of National Defense of Lithuania, Arvydas Anushauskas, said: “The acquisition of these systems will significantly improve Lithuania’s military intelligence capabilities.

“Lithuanian Armed Forces do not currently have tactical drones suitable for reconnaissance.”

The process of acquiring the Switchblade UAV from the USA to strengthen the Armed Forces of Lithuania is also ongoing.

The Ministry’s statement reads: “The Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Lithuania attach great importance to the acquisition and integration of new means of intelligence and warfare in order to increase the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Lithuania.”

Earlier this year, Lithuania announced plans to support Ukraine in the form of M113 and M577 armored personnel carriers and ammunition.

The government also proposed to conduct mass training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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