Let’s start recovery: EU chief approves first virus program | World

Over the next few years, Spain will receive an additional € 70 million in loans, lagging Italy as the largest beneficiary of funding after both Southern Europe became the first block to be hit by a pandemic. I am.

In Portugal, Von der Leyen told Prime Minister Antonio Costa that his government’s plan on how to use the € 16.6 billion plunge ($ 20 billion) for grants and loans has been blessed by the Commission. It was.

Portugal says much of its spending will be spent on improving public health networks, reducing pollution by public transport, improving the energy efficiency of homes, and buying computers for schools.

So far, 23 of the 27 EU countries have submitted spending plans to the Brussels authorities, who are scrutinizing them to ensure they are in line with Block’s policy objectives. Brussels. EU authorities will follow up later to see if each country is in compliance with its promises.

The EU’s € 1.1 trillion ($ 1.3 trillion) seven-year budget starting next year will also help the national economy recover from the economic blow caused by COVID-19.

Von der Leyen will also visit Greece, Denmark and Luxembourg later this week.

She began touring member states the day after Brock began selling bonds in the EU next-generation fund. Let’s start recovery: EU chief approves first virus program | World

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