Leopard Tech Secures £ 560,000 Initial Seed Investment

Leopard Tech announced that it has completed its initial seed investment round for the Leopard Lync solution after securing its target of £ 560,000 since its launch just a few months ago.

The Leopard Lync solution combines hardware, mobile applications, and insight platforms to turn any bike into a smart, connected bike. You can also increase brand awareness, customer service, and marketing opportunities by customizing and white-labeling to your client’s requirements.

Managing Director Jia Mi said: Journey. We are currently in advanced discussions with some of Europe’s most famous bicycle and accessory brands and hope that smart features will soon become commonplace on all bicycles. “

The next round of financing has already been discussed with investors. For more information on Leopard Tech and its solutions, please visit: www.leopardtech.co.uk

Leopard Tech previously announced the launch of new anti-theft, tracking and connectivity solutions. Last year, the group worked with a European bicycle manufacturer to Leopard Lync, To fight bicycle theft.

https://cyclingindustry.news/leopard-tech-secures-initial-seed-investment/ Leopard Tech Secures £ 560,000 Initial Seed Investment

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