LeoLabs has been awarded a contract by the US Department of Commerce to support a space propulsion control prototype

LeoLabs, Inc., the world’s leading commercial provider of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) mapping services, has announced an award to provide data and services to the U.S. Department of Commerce to support the development of the U.S. Civil System – System space traffic management (STM). The announcement was made at the 9th session of the National Space Council in Houston, Texas.

Under this contract, LeoLabs will provide its operationally proven tracking and engagement warning products for a subset of resident space objects (RSOs), including both real-time and archived data sets. The Department of Commerce will use this orbital data to support testing and evaluation of the prototype STM system.

“We are honored to be selected by the Department of Commerce to provide high-precision tracking and connectivity alert products for its Space Traffic Management System,” said Dan Keperly, CEO and co-founder of LeoLabs.

“Traffic in LEO is growing exponentially, driven by commercial innovation and economic opportunity. Our space operations infrastructure is the only system designed to scale with this growth. LeoLabs was founded to advance innovation in space traffic management, so we look forward to working with the U.S. government on these efforts to ensure the continued success of the space industry.”

This agreement demonstrates continued U.S. leadership in STM and marks significant progress by the Department of Commerce in implementing Space Policy Directive-3 (SPD-3), which requires the development of a new national STM service managed by a civilian government agency.

This contract was awarded as a sole source and provides the Department of Commerce access to LeoLabs’ space security services, which are currently used for more than 60% of satellites in LEO.

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