Launches a bike room selling Pro-Ridden bikes in 36 countries

Velarum began trading and repairing Pro-Riddenand Certified used bikesavailable for delivery to 36 countries including the UK, USA and Northern Europe.

Focused on providing access to the world’s most desirable bikes, the business wants to change the way people buy a high-end bike, giving riders the opportunity to purchase their pre-loved, authentic team-owned bikes as well as certified pre-owned bikes.

With the Ride Certified, Ride Authentic guarantee, the team strives to breathe new life into every bike, giving cyclists access to the bikes of their dreams.

Bike room is one of the few players in the world offer real bikes for professionalsthat sell the machines you’ve seen climbing and sprinting through the most iconic stages of Grand Tours or tackling the toughest sections of Nordic classics and cyclocross, all found on the Bike-room platform.

For non-pro bikes, the certification scheme also ensures quality and satisfaction for second-hand owners, ensuring the highest quality expected by customers of high-end second-hand bikes.

A certification sticker is affixed to the frameCertification process:

  • Detailed technical inspection by our World Tour mechanics.
  • Repair or replacement of worn or damaged parts.
  • Technical assistance and bike tuning with our master mechanic.
  • A bicycle expert is always at your disposal.

Flaviano Fruggeri, an experienced World Tour mechanic and frame builder who is now part of the Italian national cycling team, is leading the process. Flaviano is an integral part of the entire project and oversees every step of our certification program.


Following our inspection protocol, the bike undergoes a full inspection, ending with a road test focused on:

  • The integrity of the frame and the absence of structural damage;
  • Excellent working conditions of the group, transmission and brakes;
  • Bike box in the bike roomUse of wheels, components and accessories.

After the inspection, we also prepare a detailed report, which will also serve as proof of service for the new owner.

The business already offers hundreds of different models of some of the best bike brands through a user-friendly website, providing worldwide access.

As with any global cycling business, packaging and delivery is a core part of the business and with this in mind all our products are packed in Sink for bicycles.

To ensure customers are completely satisfied with their bike, Bike-room also offers a 30-day no-questions-asked warranty Return Policy.

https://cyclingindustry.news/bike-room-launches-selling-pro-ridden-bikes-to-36-countries/ Launches a bike room selling Pro-Ridden bikes in 36 countries

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