LATAM raises the party to 25,000 feet a year on a Rio A319 flight

yesterday LATAM Brazil had a special flight on board Airbus A319, registration PR-MYM, with a live DJ on board. The flight was performed in partnership with Rock in Rio Brasil to promote the next music festival, which will take place in September. Let’s explore further.

Rock on!

LATAM operated so-called Voo do Rock (The Rock Flight) on Friday between Congonhas Airport (CGH) Sao Paulo and Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) Rio de Janeiro.

The South American airline hired Fr. Airbus A319, which has a unique livery Rock in Rio. Last month, the plane appeared in a LATAM video in which the airline used the drone to conduct a thorough inspection of the fuselage.

Flight LA3924 between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro took off at 15:05 and landed an hour later. He flew at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

LATAM is the official partner of the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil. Photo: LATAM.

As they approached Santos Dumont Airport the crew flew over Atletas Park, also known as the City of Rock, where the Rock in Rio festival takes place. This year Rock in Rio will be held from 2 to 4 to 8 to 11 September; this is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Among the famous bands that will perform at the festival Iron MaidenGuns N ‘Roses, Green Day, Coldplayand more.

LATAM Brasil had to coordinate the most adequate route with the Air Navigation Center of Brazil (CGNA, in Portuguese) to perform a flight over the city of Rock. They had to ensure that the LATAM flight would not disrupt air traffic around Rio de Janeiro and would not affect punctuality and commercial services in BrazilThe second largest city.

On Friday aboard a flight between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro LATAM there was a rave. Photo: LATAM.

Show on board

LATAM passengers were also part of a small concert by JetLag DJs, a Brazilian electronic band that will be part of the Rock in Rio festival.

In addition to the show, passengers were also presented with a sound box to stay even more in touch with LATAM’s Rock in Rio Brazil playlist on digital platforms, alluding to the company’s concept called Music for you which can be translated as “Music makes you travel”.

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Alin Mafra, Director of Sales and Marketing at LATAM in Brazil, said:

“We are increasingly looking to strengthen the LATAM brand in Brazil. There is nothing better for this than to support the world’s largest music and entertainment festival, the values ​​of which coincide with our company. “

Plane Rock in Rio

According to ch-aviation, PR-MYM is an Airbus A319-100 operated by LATAM Brazil but owned by Deucalion Aviation. It was first delivered on July 6, 2011 and has always flown with a Brazilian carrier.

It is capable of carrying up to 144 passengers in a single cabin configuration. The livery Rock in Rio was written at MRO LATAM in San Carlos, and the process can be seen in a previous LATAM tweet.

Only three Airbus A319 LATAM aircraft of Brazil will be painted in the lyre of Rock in Rio and will fly, advertising “The world’s largest music and entertainment festival until October this year,” the LATAM statement said.

What do you think of the Rock in Rio livery in the fuselage of the Airbus A319 LATAM? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: h-aviation.

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