Larger U.S. states are exposing the mask as COVID-19 decreases

An increasing number of American states are committed to this remove mask mandates and other restrictions on the pandemic as cases of COVID-19 are declining to their lowest level since December.

Citizens should continue to wear masks indoors, including on public transport and schools, regardless of their vaccination status, to say The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which has been a fierce critic of the complete lifting of the restriction.

“We haven’t reached it yet,” said CDC Director Dr. Rachel Valensky told journalists last week.

The CDC “still recommends” that both vaccinated and unvaccinated wear a “permanent and indoor mask.”

“This is in line with our guidelines, which continue to encourage people to disguise themselves in public places in places with high or significant transmission.”

However, a reduction in the number of cases has led some U.S. states to partially or completely eliminate the restriction. Here are some of the states that already have or will soon lift the restriction.

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Nevada has revoked its mask mandate on Feb. 10, Gov. Steve Sisolak announced.

Rhode Island

This condition made it unnecessary to wear the mask indoors on February 11th.


The state mandate for camouflage for all types of businesses and jobs expired on 11 February. According to Gov. John Carney, masks will still be mandatory in schools until March 31st.


From February 15, fully vaccinated Californians will no longer need to wear the mask indoors. Unvaccinated people will still need to fulfill their mandate, especially in hospitals and schools.

New York

Visitors to New York no longer need to be vaccinated or wear a mask when entering indoors. The school mask mandate will also be canceled on February 21st.


Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker announced that on February 28 the restriction on wearing masks indoors will be lifted.


Oregon’s camouflage rules for closed public places will be removed on March 31, Gov. Kate Brown said.

A number of European countries, including Sweden, Denmark and Norway, have begun lifting all COVID-19 restrictions in an attempt to categorize the virus as harmless to society. Larger U.S. states are exposing the mask as COVID-19 decreases

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