Lacoste launches virtual store with bonuses for NFT holders

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A quick dive:

  • Following a similar move, Bloomingdale’s Lacoste tapped Emperia, a virtual reality technology company, to create a virtual store, according to a press release Tuesday, shared by Retail Dive.
  • Entering the store through the crocodile’s mouth, virtual visitors can explore and purchase five seasonal items in the retailer’s showroom. Another virtual room features Christmas-themed retail merchandise, according to a press release.
  • The virtual store also has a room available only to members of its UNDW3, a Web3 retailer community that has Lacoste NFTs. Customers can visit the room in December to receive loot boxes, and the retailer will select five customers each day to win a prize, according to a press release.

Dive Insight:

Other companies Emperia works with include Burberry, Dior and Christie’s, the company said in a press release. Earlier this month Bloomingdale’s joined the trend of virtual stores just in time for the holiday shopping season. The department store had virtual sections for brands like Nespresso, Chanel and Ralph Lauren.

“Lacoste is bridging the gap between holiday shopping and gamification with this unique virtual experience. Leveraging a wide range of demographics with different numbers and product ranges allows Lacoste to appeal to a wide range of demographics,” Olga Dagadkina, co-founder and CEO of Emperia, said in a statement. “Having a meta-universe presence during such a significant shopping season and the hands-on use of NFT that creates a sense of community will take Lacoste to the next level, allowing them to leverage e-commerce and web3 innovation like never before, positioning the brand as a fashion trailblazer.”

Like Lacoste and Bloomingdale’s, other retailers and brands experimented with the metaverse to monetize digital goods and connect the online world to the real world. Adidas moves in a similar way launched a product category for digital equipmentwhich allows customers to buy clothes designed for online avatars.

Other brands are also issuing non-fungible tokens to attract customers. Tiffany in August presented a collection of 250 NFTs which customers could exchange for an actual pendant called the NFTiff, which was previously valued at $47,000. The following month, Gap launched a logo contest in which the winning artist will be presented with a Gap logo converted to NFT and featured on a hoodie. The following day, Puma unveiled its first meta universe called “Black Station” ahead of New York Fashion Week, in which customers you can buy NFTs and exchange them for limited edition authentic shoes.

https://www.retaildive.com/news/lacoste-nft-virtual-store-perks/637470/ Lacoste launches virtual store with bonuses for NFT holders

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