Kubota adds the new generation of tractor models to its L series

With the National Agricultural Machinery Show starting tomorrow, Kubota Tractor Corporation has announced two new models to its line of standard L series compact tractors with the addition of the L3302 and L3902.

Kubota celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and do-it-yourself lifestyle that the compact L-Series tractor has helped Americans build, train and grow. The addition of the two new L02 models builds on the L-Series’s multi-generational reputation for durability, affordability and versatility, making it the number one compact tractor sales in the United States for decades.

The new L02 models boast improved operator comfort features, modern styling and, most importantly, an independent power outlet, which is now available for HST models. Both L3302 and L3902 will be unveiled at the 2022 National Agricultural Machinery Show and will be available at authorized Kubota dealerships in early spring.

Strong performance

The L02 series offers two horsepower options, with 33 and 37.5 horsepower gross on the L3302 and L3902, respectively. Kubota L02 Series tractors are equipped with an electronically controlled Common Injection (CRS) fuel injection system and are designed to reduce noise and vibration for a smooth operator experience. Kubota diesel engines are designed not only to maximize performance, but also to keep you running thanks to a large fuel tank and a fuel-efficient engine.

Modern style and comfort abound

The new L02 Series differs from predecessor models with a more spacious operator station, standard rubber mats and enhanced suspension seat with optional armrests. The modern style stands out with a sleek curve to the hood and standard LED headlights and side work lights – the L3302 and L3902 look, feel and work like a premium compact tractor.

Smooth and easy operation with independent power take-off option

Both Kubota L02 four-wheel drive models are available with either speed or HST transmissions. The HST offers forward / reverse speed and control that can be operated by simply depressing the pedal. The drive transmission offers power and versatility with eight forward and eight reverse speeds to get the job done. In addition, new for the L02 this year is an independent power take-off on HST models, allowing a quick connection of the power take-off by lightly pressing a switch while the tractor is running.

LA526 front-end loader with equal performance

Specially designed for L3302 and L3902, the high-performance front loader is deeper and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,144 pounds per pin and a maximum lifting height of 94 inches per pin. The loading valve is designed for simultaneous arm and bucket operation and a regenerative circuit, increasing unloading speed and times and maximizing productivity. The LA526 wheel loader can be quickly and easily removed from the tractor without tools or without the need to purchase additional “parking” kits, making it more versatile and easier to use.

“Upgrades to our new L02 compact tractors have been strategic and universal for the line – we’ve added comfort and style features while keeping accessibility at the forefront,” said Beau Woodbury, product manager for Kubota compact tractors. “With the new L3302 and L3902, we are officially presenting the next generation of our popular Standard L Series line. I’m excited to offer new comfort features as well as improved key operational features – such as the new independent power take-off on HST models. “

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